A new project

The Ki6 brand? took shape based on some early ideas sketched out on a sheet of delightfully dog-eared, worn paper.
The woman who wears Ki6 has an independent spirit; she looks for balance between contradictions and insists on the charm of a new romanticism and a style that also takes its cue from intriguing contaminations from the world of menswear.
Lace and chiffon plus delicate, often printed fabrics act as a counterpoint to compact, substantial materials, with dresses of every variety representing the beating heart of the collection.
Originality, freedom from the obvious and absolute certainties: it’s an original mix to be savoured.

Who are you?
“I am what I am.” My hands claps the things I care for most and my tresses imprison a thought: “I hate indifferent people,” someone important once said, but I forget who. I hate them, too. I prefer to take sides. To smell the air I breathe, to feel as light as a feather and seize a dream. To attach it to a string and let it soar like a kite up in the cloudless sky. To savor the bittersweet taste of life and make it my perfume. I want it all but I can make do with little. I am unfamiliar with ennui and I’m certain that poetry springs from contradictions. I love in my own personal way because I am free. Sometimes, I don’t ask questions and I’m not astonished. Often, I chase after details and devise change. And then I surprise myself. One day I got lost in a labyrinth of emotions, following after hope and dodging pain. I colored the walls along the main street, I searched for disquiet and I clad it in joy. I imagined and then wove the most beautiful dress with the fine thread of life. I put it on and we became timeless lovers. “Because I am.”

Who is Manuela?
A world made of creativity and manual dexterity: Manuela Lugli has created a destiny for herself that is made to measure. Her very personal project has grown with her, ever since, as a child, she took the measure of her innate passion for design. Thus, it stands to reason that, as an adult, her schooling included specialized studies and a degree in fashion design. Because talent is important, but proper training is essential. She got her chance to test her wings when a new company, Spazio Sei Fashion Group in Carpi, made use of her talent to create a formidable style department dedicated to fashions for boys and girls, ranging from newborns to adolescents. And more: Manuela’s creative vein was also successfully expressed in women’s fashions, with daring flights of imagination and bold, unusual proposals. A fundamental aspect of the creative director’s philosophy was to patiently create a team and guide it in the difficult task of designing dozens of collections every season, each one different from the others, but all with a strong imprint. Regarding the needs of young clients, Manuela Lugli has put to good use her direct experience as the mother of two girls, and her sensitivity as a woman who knows how to dress women, to fine-tune a style which stands out for its painstaking attention to every detail. A stylistic code which has also been distilled into the new line dedicated to fashion-hungry young women. Lots of curiosity, a love of travel, consideration of society and its developments, exquisite taste in researching unpredictable forms and materials, energetic colors and exclusive details: all this has put the designer in the perfect state of mind of those people who are ready and willing to take on major challenges.